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Amud 98a

תוס' ד"ה הניחא

It is properly understood according to the one who maintains that the boards were one אמה thick at their bottom and would continually narrow down until an אצבע, etc. - הניחא למאן דאמר קרשים מלמטה עוביין אמה וכלין והולכין עד כאצבע

They could not place the narrow side of the קרשים next to the wide side because a) it is a גנאי, b) it was too difficult, and c) it narrowed after the midpoint. We derive the status of a רה"ר from מחנה לויה, we derive from the עגלות who were in a רה"ר merely the size of a רה"ר (sixteen אמות).

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תוס' ד"ה אטבעי

Where did he place the אטבעי, on top of the wagon; but the wagon was covered - אטבעי היכא מנח להו אגבא דעגלה עגלה מקורה היא

The אטבעי of רב כהנא and the יתידות of שמואל are both referring to the punctured wood which are placed as a base to the length of the עגלה on which to place the קרשים; however initially we mistakenly assumed that רב כהנא meant the woods which we placed to the width of the עגלה, as a bracket, to prevent the קרשים from falling off the עגלה.

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