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Amud 3a

תוס' ד"ה מאי

מאי קמשמע לן בשאין בה דין חלוקה – What is the משנה letting us know, that when there is no legal right to divide etc.

Summary: תוספות explains that the גמרא originally knew that the משנה is teaching us הרש"ה. Nevertheless the question is why teach הרש"ה by a חצר שאין בד"ח as opposed to a חצר שיש בד"ח. The גמרא answers that even if we knew that הרש"ה by a חצר שיש בד"ח, we may still think that by a חצר שאין בד"ח one cannot coerce the reluctant partner to build a wall.

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תוס' ד"ה כי

כי רצו מאי הוי ניהדרו בהו – What of it, that they wanted; they can withdraw from this agreement.

Summary: According to the מ"ד גודא, there was never a question that they could renege on their commitment, for it is assumed that they made a קנין and pledged their assets for the wall. However, according to the מ"ד פלוגתא making a קנין for division is invalid since it is merely a קנין דברים. The מקשן did not entertain the possibility that they made a קנין ברוחות.

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תוס' ד"ה קנין

קנין דברים בעלמא הוא – It is merely an acquisition of words.

Summary: A ש"ח is liable for אונסים like a שואל if he pledges, with a קנין, that he is responsible and will pay for any אונס.

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תוס' ד"ה רב אשי

רב אשי אמר כגון שהלך כולי - Rav Ashi said that for instance, one went, etc.

Summary: רב אשי is teaching us that the קנין to divide can be either by specifically making a קנין to that effect, or by each of the partners making a חזקה in his share after they verbally agreed to divide the property (north and south).

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תוס' ד"ה ארבע

ארבע אמות גובה אפותיא דה' קאי טפי לא קאי – A wall four אמות high will remain standing on a width of five טפחים; more than ד' אמות high, it will not remain standing.

Summary: To assure the maximum longevity for the expensive גזית wall a minimum of ה' טפחים width is required to attain a height of ד' אמות.

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תוס' ד"ה טרקסין

טרקסין – Dividing stone wall

Summary: The dividing wall between the היכל and the קדה"ק was called טרקסין for the following reasons; a) the word טרקסין means closing off (the לוחות which were given at) סיני; or b) the word טרקסין means inside and outside, indicating that there was a doubt as to the precise sanctification of the טרקסין space itself, whether it was קודש or קדה"ק.

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תוס' ד"ה שאני

שאני התם דאיכא טפח יתירה – It is different there; for there is an additional טפח.

Summary A wall can support a greater proportional height provided it is not a free standing wall; but is braced by the weight of a ceiling bearing down on it.

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