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Amud 3b

תוס' ד"ה אמר

אמר אביי גמירי - Said אביי; there is a tradition.

Summary: The מסורה that אביי stated; either completely wall or completely curtain, is all that is necessary to explain why there was no wall/curtain combination in the בית שני

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תוס' ד"ה מכלל

מכלל דאיכא זוטרתי – This implies that there are smaller bricks.

Summary: The גמרא inferred from the משנה in עירובין that there are also bricks smaller than three טפחים, from the fact that the משנה there specified the size of the brick as three טפחים.

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תוס' ד"ה הג"ה

הג"ה - A Gloss

Summary: A community may dismantle a summer ביכנ"ס for a winter one (and vice versa. If there is both a summer and winter ביכנ"ס they may be dismantled out of season if there is a need for (minor) repairs. This is the first opinion of תוספות. The other opinion(s) of תוספות is that they may be dismantled out of season regardless, whether it needs repair work or not.

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תוס' ד"ה אי

אי הכי כי בנייה נמי – If that is the case then even if they built it, there should also be concern, etc.

Summary: The גמרא asked that even if the new ביכנ"ס was built, as long as they were not מתפלל there yet, it should be prohibited to dismantle to old ביכנ"ס.

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תוס' ד"ה ועייליה

ועייליה לפורייה להתם – And he brought in his bed there.

Summary: It is forbidden to do any secular activity in a ביכנ"ס even in בבל. The provisions that were made for the בתכנ"ס of בבל was that one may make respectful use of them once they are destroyed, and no longer function. רב אשי placed his bed and slept in a room adjoining the ביכנ"ס proper; not in the ביכנ"ס itself.

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תוס' ד"ה כל

כל דאמר מבית חשמונאי אתינא עבדא הוא – Anyone who claims that he is a descendant from the house of the חשמונאים, is really a slave.

Summary: An עובד כוכבים or an עבד כנעני who fathers a child from a ישראלית, the child is a ולד כשר according to שמואל. תוספות maintains that none of the descendants of הורדוס married Jewish women, including the father of אגריפס. Therefore they are all עבדים.

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תוס' ד"ה מאן

מאן דריש מקרב אחיך רבנן – Who interprets the פסוק מקרב אחיך (to exclude עבדים); it is the רבנן.

Summary: The רבנן interpret the term מקרב אחיך to mean ממובחר שבאחיך; thus excluding even עבדים from becoming king. Without this דרשה, we may have thought that it comes to exclude עכו"ם.

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תוס' ד"ה קטלינהו

קטלינהו לכולהו רבנן – He killed all of the רבנן.

Summary: The reign of הורדוס dynasty lasted the last one hundred three years of the בית שני. The נשיאות of הלל and his sons was during the last hundred years of the בית שני. The בני בתירה were נשיאים when הלל arrived from בבל and became the נשיא. Therefore, הורדוס did not kill all the רבנן.

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