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Amud 32b

תוס' ד"ה אמאי

On what are you relying, on this שטר; this שטר is merely a potsherd - אמאי קא סמכת אהאי שטרא האי שטרא חספא בעלמא הוא

Summary: תוספות offers three interpretations why a מיגו is ineffective here: a) It is a מיגו להוציא. b) It is a מיגו that is prefaced by a lie. c) He is a חוזר וטוען.

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תוס' ד"ה והלכתא

And the law is according to רבה concerning property - והלכתא כוותיה דרבה בארעא

Summary: The רשב"ם maintains that ראב"א ruled like רבה בארעא [and like רב יוסף בזוזא]; since he was in doubt whom to follow. The reason in our case we award it to the מחזיק and not to the מרה קמא as in תו"ת; is because here it is a ספיקא דדינא. However תוספות himself maintains that ראב"א ruled like רבה, but by זוזא it is a מיגו להוציא.

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תוס' ד"ה נפק

There was a rumor concerning him, that he was consuming the produce of orphans’ lands - נפק עליה קלא דקא אכיל ארעא דיתמי

Summary: The rumor was that the property belongs to the orphans.

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