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Amud 6a

תוס' ד"ה ואמר

ואמר לו פרעתיך בזמני אמאי לא כולי – And he said to him; ‘I paid you on time’, why is he not believed, etc.

Summary: The גמרא could have refuted this proof by maintaining that the משנה is discussing a case where the claim and response took place תו"ז. However it would pose a difficulty for אביי ורבא who maintain אדם פורע תו"ז.

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תוס' ד"ה כל

כל האומר לא לויתי כאומר כולי – Whoever says I did not borrow, it is if he said I did not repay.

Summary: The dictum כל האומר וכולי is effective in extracting a (tacit) admission from the לוה that he did not pay (even against conflicting testimony), and also preventing the לוה from reinterpreting לא לויתי to mean לויתי ופרעתי.

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תוס' ד"ה סמך

סמך לפלגא סמך לכולה – If He juxtaposed a half sized wall relative to the original dividing wall, it is as if he juxtaposed a full sized wall, equal to the dividing wall.

Summary: It makes no difference whether the new wall was smaller than the original wall in height or length; in both cases he must pay for half of the entire original wall.

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תוס' ד"ה ומודה

ומודה רב הונא בקרנא ולופתא – And רב הונא admits by a ‘corner’ and an ‘angle’.

Summary: Both ר"ה and ר"נ agree that if there is a clear indication that the new wall will be definitely not extended in length or height; or that it will be definitely extended either in length or height, that we follow this indication, concerning סמך לכולא or למאי דסמך סמך.

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