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Amud 64a

תוס' ד"ה כשהוא

When he states; sheep, etc. - כשהוא אומר שה כולי

To achieve symmetry in the דרשות the תנא may rearrange the order of the פסוק.

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תוס' ד"ה יאמר

He should state; גניבה ושור וחיים, and everything is included - יאמר גניבה ושור וחיים והכל בכלל

Initially the תד"ח did not respond that we cannot derive everything from the כופו"כ of גניבה שור וכו' חיים, since חיים is limited to בע"ח, either because the פרטים force us to assume that here חיים includes everything, or because initially the תרצן took a lax attitude and thought he can answer the question even if we do not distinguish between בע"ח and non-בע"ח.

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