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Amud 2a

תוס' ד"ה המביא

One who brings a גט, etc. - המביא גט

Summary: The term גט in the majority of places refers to a גט אשה, Therefore we always assume that סתם גט is a גט אשה unless there is ample reason to assume otherwise.

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תוס' ד"ה ממדינת

From a country overseas - ממדינת הים

Summary: The term מדינת הים literally means a country that is overseas. The requirement to say בפני נכתב ובפני נחתם is not limited to overseas countries, but rather it applies to countries that are outside ארץ ישראל. תוספות will be discussing why the משנה uses the term מדינת הים and not חוץ לארץ.

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תוס' ד"ה אף

Even one who brings a גט from רקם, etc. - אף המביא מרקם

Summary: תוספות discusses whether there are Jews living in רקם.

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תוס' ד"ה מכפר

From כפר לודים to לוד, etc. - מכפר לודים ללוד

Summary: תוספות discusses why is it that in the previous two cases, mention was made only where the גט came from, and not to where it was brought; however in this case the משנה finds it necessary to tell us also, to where the גט was brought, i.e. לוד.

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תוס' ד"ה ואשקלון

And the city of אשקלון is considered to be south - ואשקלון כדרום

Summary: The משנה mentions three cities – רקם (וחגר), אשקלון, ועכו - which are considered מדינת הים, seemingly that they are in חו"ל. However תוספות will prove that all these three cities are in א"י. Why then does our משנה consider them מדה"י - חו"ל? This תוספות will give two general explanations. The first one will explain why these three cities mentioned in the משנה are not א"י, despite תוספות original proofs. The second one will maintain that even if they are part of א"י, nevertheless they are considered מדה"י as far as בפ"נ ובפ"נ is concerned,

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תוס' ד"ה ואם

And if there are those who contest its validity, it should be authenticated through its signatories - ואם יש עליו עוררין יתקיים בחותמיו

Summary: תוספות is of the opinion that by שטרי ממון that are presented שלא בפני הלוה, the דין is that טענינן מזוייף and the מלוה, לוקח, וכולי cannot collect on the strength of the שטר, unless there is קיום. The reason/proof that טענינן מזוייף is; for if לא טענינן מזוייף then לא שבקת חיי לכל בריה.

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