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Amud 11b

תוס' ד"ה והרי

But there is the ‘claim’, etc. -והרי טענה וכולי

Summary: ר"י אמר ר"א claims that when the word כסף is mentioned in the תורה it is referring to the specific silver coins of צורי. When there is no specific amount mentioned; כסף would mean the smallest coin in צורי (which according to רש"י is a מעה ). There is a משנה in מסכת שבועות which the גמרא cites to contradict the view of ר"י אר"א. The משנה states that in order to obligate a מודה במקצת to take an oath, a claim of two כסף מעה is required together with an admission of a פרוטה. There are two ways to explain how this משנה contradicts ר"י אר"א and the subsequent resolution. תוספות will discuss both explanations.

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